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Management Consulting

AI Readiness: Solutions, Toolkit, & Resources to help you kickstart your data literacy initiatives and become AI-ready. Also, our AI Readiness community subscription also gives you access to research and prototypes that help executives + data science teams to understand emerging algorithmic trends & machine intelligence applications and then apply them to real-world sustainable business applications beyond technology labs.

Customer and Citizen Experience: Recent covid19 events showed that behavior can change a system and it can also breakdown the system. Both cities and companies want to understand the evolution of citizen and customer behavior. With our novel anthropological and AI methods, we help you track what consumers want to experience at the right moment and whether they are ready for a change.

Macroview Next Labs: All societies go through social trends and changes in ideology, dramatic Innovative Shifts, Simple Transitions, and challenges include pandemics and economic downturns. We help executives to understand and predict these issues by offering our research, AI, and simulation models equipped by mathematics, Visual Arts, Pattern recognition, and social sciences expertise. 

AI & I

Cultural evolution provides, together with AI a sophisticated view of human behavior. In this podcast and vlog, we look into our relationship with AI especially after dramatic shifts like Covid-19.

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