Our Workshops

To leverage human capital, we employ a client-expert model which facilitates addressing problems and/or opportunities in real time. We provide individuals and organisations with ready tools to adapt to changing situations.

We believe that people learn more effectively via experiential learning as opposed to grasping concepts without practical application. We provide workshop facilitation using board game simulation, cases, group discussions and other activities. You will experience concepts and applications in real time and feel the tangible results themselves quickly. This allows for better acquisition and retention and enables you to apply these tools in your organisations. Our tools are thoroughly researched and tested to equip individuals to apply, accelerate and diffuse learning to achieve breakthrough results.

Our Workshops are recommended for:

  • Team-building: Orienting a team whose members must collaborate to accomplish a shared purpose.
  • Strategic planning: Assessing an individual/organisation’s environmental factors.
  • Improve decision making capabilities and demonstrates importance of data-driven decision making using modern methodology by StrategyShare.
  • Reengineering/redesign team initiatives: Innovating and collaborating across functional boundaries.
  • Performance/process improvement: Insight about underlying structural elements in organisations that drive people’s behavior, motivation for redesigning organisational structure.
  • Learn Dynamic Business Modelling: Our mission is to help any leader understand the business system they manage, and know how to use these models, and we want to help analysts and consultants learn how to build them through MicroWorld & Breaktrough Learning.


The adrenaline rush, heart palpitations and dire frustrations usually result in some shouting and screaming. These may be the usual happenings in our ‘Discover Your Leadership’ Workshop but most importantly, participants in our workshop DISCOVER and LEARN basic systems thinking concepts and applications.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals who manage and/or work in a team.
  • Executives, Senior Executives, Managers and above.
  • Up to 24 participants can be accommodated during one session.
  • Flexibility of in-house or external venue.

Workshop Outline

  • Game Play
  • Game debriefing
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking


This is the next platform of which graduates of ‘Discover Your Leadership’ workshop will progress to where they learn more aspects of how systems thinking can be an integral part of the way the way they work and live.

Workshop Outline

  • Review of basic Systems Thinking concepts
  • Introduction to Archetypes
  • Problem Solving by mapping Archetypes


In navigating the organisation towards excellence, leaders face with a myriad of problems brought about by different cultures and backgrounds of personnel. It is up to the quick action of leaders to handle either positive or adverse situations to steer it towards beneficial outcome for the organisation.

Find out how StrategyShare helps organizations achieve results and make their mission a reality.