Our result-oriented consulting is centered on formulating and implementing a dynamic strategy in assisting our clients to adapt and change in order to gain and sustain their competitive advantage. Solutions that will bring capabilities to your business that are reflected in your bottom line.

  • Impact of strategic decisions
  • Timing of strategic effects
  • Potential competitive response
  • Possible barriers to implementation

Addressing Problems and/or Opportunities

In assisting our clients navigating through this climate of increasing complexity, we improve corporate performance by applying our approach to address any situation in the organisation, whether it is a problem to be solved or an opportunity to be examined. We guarantee to help you solve any type of problems within your organisation whether it is a human resource, customer relationship management or others, and we make sure that we are addressing the root cause and not the symptom of the problem.
From our experience, most of the time, organisations think that the problem is solved and after a short period of time, the same problem recurs or the solution itself creates another problem whether in same or other departments. Our commitment is to look at the problem from different perspectives and make sure that the solution is sustainable.

Validating Strategy

Validating Your Strategy or Business Plan

Most organisations develop business plans or formulate strategy to address existing problems or new opportunity. Very frequently, organisations ask for outside support to be involved in this process. As a result, organisations invest a lot of money in hiring outside consultants and the outcome often is not satisfactory. We believe that the root cause of the problem is that many consultants use old approaches to strategy that does not take into account the issue of complexity. In our workshop, we can validate your strategy by offering additional analytical insights. StrategyShare.

Our approach guides businesses in making better decisions and delivering superior results. Mapping complex business challenges enable better strategic choices which substantiate critical decisions and allow a better understanding of the organisation’s direction.

Strategic Approach

Strategy Development: We develop a robust and practical strategy starting from understanding the business and industry past and present in determining the desired future. StrategyShare.

Strategy Audit: We examine the performance of the existing strategy, identify potential risks and unintended consequences that may arise from it and choose the next steps to be taken. StrategyShare.

HealthCare: Macroview Consulting purely use system modelling approach to improve performance in hospitals. We use CreateASoft tools to leverage leadership development and improving staffs skills using simulation board by Breaktrough Learning.

Management Simulation: We provide various management simulation tools to improve learning in higher education and organisations through experimental learning. We are partners with StrategyDynamics to support organisations in improving their strategic decisions by using business simulation models known as MicroWorlds.

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