ikydz : Total Parental Internet Control

What is iKydz?

iKydz is the Total Parental Internet Control solution. iKydz lets you apply age-appropriate filters and online schedules to individual devices, all with just one app on your smartphone. With our revolutionary solution, you can manage any internet-connected device, connected to WIFI or Mobile data, all with just one app on your phone!

Why iKydz?

Well, we believe that every parents job is to look after their child and keep them safe. When you get into your car, do you make sure you have your seatbelt on before driving off? Does your child automatically put their seatbelt on too? We’re guessing, (and hoping) the answer to that is yes.

Do you remember a time when you could just hop into a car and off you go without thinking about the consequences of no seat belt? Well look at this time and compare it to the current era.

The Internet, (like a car) is a wonderful invention which opens up tonnes of possibilities. When you got a car you could drive to school, work, over to a friends house. This is the same with the Internet. You can work, socialise with friends, educate yourself and so much more. However, if you are not safe, the Internet can (again, like a car) be extremely dangerous.

As a result, children with unrestricted access to the Internet are at risk of so many dangers. Kids are innocent, they are curious and they are savvy! A child knows how to unlock your smartphone and use YouTube before they are able to string a full sentence together.

So, as a parent know you what type of nasties are out there on the world wide web, the same way you know that there are dangerous drivers on the road! You wouldn’t send your child out in a car without making sure they are safe first. Don’t give them unrestricted access to one of the most powerful tools on the planet.

Protect your children with iKydz.

Tired of being ignored?

Get the best parental internet safety device for your family.

iKydz Features

iKydz Mobile + iKydz Home = total parental peace of mind. Using your iKydz app on your phone, you have complete control over the level of content filtering, the online time allowances and where you want to allow each of your kids to go online. All features are easily customisable by you to suit each of your children, no matter what age they are

Age Based Restrictions

Apply age-based restrictions to your kids’ internet connected devices with one easy click. You wouldn’t want your 6 year old seeing things that your 15 year old is allowed to watch. So use our standard age-based restrictions to give you peace of mind. Simply apply the appropriate restriction to your kid’s device, according to their age and you don’t have to worry again about what your 6 year old is seeing on the internet. By applying a loose restriction to your 15 year old’s device, they get to see what want to on the internet, but you still have the option of reducing the amount of time that they spend online. Maybe there’s a big exam coming up and focus on study is not what it should be…

Block Apps

Use our standard blocks to prevent or limit access to social media, chat rooms or other apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Yellow, Simsimi, Tinder, WhatsApp and a host of others. When we discover an unsavoury app that kids might be tempted to use, we put it on our list and give you the option of blocking it. Our lists are updated by us and you will always receive these updates at no additional cost.

Shut Off The Internet From Anywhere In The World

Do you ever wish that the kids would focus on dinner or a family game without internet distractions? Use our Mealtime button to shut down all your kids’ Internet access for 30 minutes. Just enough time for them to eat their dinner and maybe even have a conversation with you!


iKydz Mobile lets you locate where your kids’ mobile devices are. Handy for the odd check-in, pick-up, or just your general peace of mind, if it’s ever needed.

Block Websites

Use our iKydz Global Block Lists to block content such as Adult, Gaming, Violence & Gambling. These lists are updated automatically by us so you never have to worry. You can also block social media and other sites and apply these block lists to specific devices.

Filter Content

Apply suitable web content filters to individual devices based on the age of your child. Easily set your internet filters for each device. Because of how our internet content filtering software is deployed, iKydz is tamper-proof!

Monitor Internet Usage

Using the iKydz Internet Monitoring Reporting tool, you can monitor how long your kids spent online and what they spent their time viewing. We believe all parents should have open communication with their kids and your family’s Internet Activity report is a great starting point to help identify often wasted hours spent online.

Block Pop-Ups

Concerned about inappropriate pop-ups appearing when your child is browsing the internet or looking at YouTube? We were, and so we developed iKydz’ internet safety software to make sure that your child does not see what you don’t want them to see, accidentally or intentionally.

Set Schedules

Easily set daily or weekly schedules for when your children cannot be online. Use and adjust our standard Schedules, or simply create your own. Help your kids focus on their study, get them outside to play or exercise or just make sure they get some sleep!